An Editor’s Journey… the beginning… of the blog, at least.

An Editor’s Journey… the beginning… of the blog, at least.

“Welcome to my world!” is the first line to the first poem in my upcoming poetry book, and as I was pondering what to write for the “first blog post” here at An Editor’s Journey, it just seemed to fit.

I’m so very excited about starting this new adventure. I have been editing for over two and a half decades, and during that time, I have so often found myself looking for the thoughts of other editors. What sort of things do they do to make editing easier? What are the tips and tricks of the trade? It was challenging to find some of those answers over the years. Still, with the advent of social media and the massive explosion on the internet, it has finally become easier to find some of these answers.

And yet, so many of the articles and blogs I have read over the years are clinical and distant. What I wanted was to get to the meat of the thing. What were other editors out there were doing? How were they succeeding as freelancers in such a competitive field, and how did they juggle their freelance career and everything else. And with that sudden awareness, as I began philosophizing upon the thoughts of others, I realized I should do this as well. I should put my thoughts into a blog so that other people can learn from my experiences. You, my friends, can laugh along with me at my stories and encounters and revel in the beautiful and fulfilling experience of connecting with others and talking about my passion.

This blog isn’t just about editing or writing. It is a glimpse into my life as an editor, as a mom, wife, friend, academic researcher, and most importantly, as a teacher. I spend so much of my freelance editing career guiding others in their writing. It just seemed an excellent choice to share these thoughts and ideas and tips and tricks that I have learned with the vast world via a blog.

What types of specific topics can you expect?
What is the editing process?
Experience vs. Education
Discipline for the Work-at-Home Freelance Editor
Balancing being an Editor and a Mom
Finding your Niche
Editing for the Poet
And dozens more…

I hope you will enjoy traveling on this Journey with me and I look forward to sharing my world with you and learning from yours!

-Galen S. Scott

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