Editing Services

Editing Services

Galen provides a variety of editorial services. She has a love of words that feeds her passion for editing and writing and has a knack for getting to the heart of a story or article and helping the author present their best work.

Her specialty areas are twofold, in that she splits her time between academic editing papers (Journal Articles, Master’s Thesis, Doctoral Dissertations) and Poetry and Fiction manuscripts.

She does four main types of editing:

Copy-editing – This would be a fundamental grammar, structure, and spelling & usage edit.

Line-editing – This is what you want when you feel that your manuscript is just about ready to go to print. This edit would include copy-editing and help adapt any areas that are still not working or need that extra shine. Galen would make sure that the pace works and help cut things down if needed.

Developmental editing – This editing style is what you choose if you have trouble with your manuscript and cannot seem to get it where you know if it needs to be. Have a hurdle with the plot? Have trouble keeping the continuity throughout the book? With a developmental edit, Galen will read over your manuscript and make notes on developmental changes or options that could strengthen your work. She will tell you about the changes you could make and highlight the things that work.

Poetry editing – It isn’t often that you see this listed as a separate option. Still, in the many decades of working with poetry, Galen has discovered that you have to look at a poetry manuscript differently. Poetry doesn’t always need to adhere to the same rules as prose and thus requires a unique touch by an editor. As a poetry editor, Galen tries to understand where the poet is going with their manuscript and help decide the type and amount of punctuation needed/required and the best format and layout to suit the individual poems and the manuscript as a whole.

Galen is also willing to work long-term with her clients from start to finish to help them develop their ideas and create the best possible manuscript that they are able. She takes great pride that her clients enjoy working with her and enjoy the partnership that develops during the process.

If you would like Galen to take a look at your manuscript, you can contact her at editorsjourney@gmail.com.