Clients and Reviews

Clients and Reviews

Here is a selection of clients that I am currently working with or have worked for in the past to give a brief overview of the type of work I do.

Active/On-Going Clients

Dr. RoseAnna Downing-Vicklund, PhD. in Medical Anthropology

  • Dissertation Defense Power Point
  • Dissertation for Doctorate of Anthropology completion: Trust Relationships and Drinking Water: Drinking water choices in Walkerton, Ontario
  • Article Proposal for AAAs 2017
  • Article Proposal for AAAs 2016
  • Abstract AAAs 2013: Trust and Responsibility: Drinking Water in Ontario (2013)
  • Letter of Extension for draft of Dissertation (2013)
  • Transcribed & Formatted 17 interviews for Dr. Downing-Vicklund’s Dissertation, averaging 2 hours each.
  • Paper Presentation: Trust and Responsibility: Drinking Water in Ontario, Michigan State University, 2007

“Galen has worked with me as an editor for over 13 years, now. In that time period, she has edited grant proposals, numerous papers and abstract proposals for conferences, papers and my dissertation for my PH.D. in Medical Anthropology. She has helped me put together handouts for talks, power point presentations and my C. V. Depending on  what I needed, she was able to do everything from content editing (e.g. you forgot to define a key concept) to copy editing and line editing and did a fantastic job of getting things back to me quickly.  She has been an invaluable asset as an editor and I highly recommend her service to others.”

-Dr. RoseAnna Downing-Vicklund, Ph.D of Medical Anthropology

Michigan State University – College of Nursing – Academic Editor for Special Projects

  • On-Call Academic Editor for projects like manuscripts, grants, internal documentation, and more.

Rickey R. Mallory (Penname: Mallory Kane) –

  • The Black Hills Brotherhood book 3 (2021) – 1-3 chapter Developmental Edit.
  • No Saint, by Mallory Kane, (2017) – 1st 3 chapter Consult/Developmental Edit
  • Dirty Little Secrets, by Mallory Kane, Harlequin Intrigue (2013) – 1st 3 chapter Consult/Developmental Edit
  • Shadow of the Cat, by Rickey Mallory, Imajinn Books (2006, re-write 2013)
  • Blood Ties in Chef Voleur, by Mallory Kane, Harlequin Intrigue () ) – 1st 3 chapter Consult
  • Silent Guardian, by Mallory Kane, Harlequin Intrigue (2007)
  • ULTIMATE AGENTS: HIGH SCHOOL REUNION, by Mallory Kane, Harlequin Intrigue (2007)
  • Juror No. 7., by Mallory Kane, Harliquin Intrigue (2007)
  • Short Story: THE SILVER STAR OF TEXAS: THE WRONG SIDE OF THE LAW by MalloryKane, Harlequin Intrigue (2006)
  • Heir to Secret Memories, by Mallory Kane, Harlequin Intrigue (2003)
  • A Father’s Sacrifice, by Mallory Kane, Harlequin Intrigue (2005)
  • Time Rider, by Rickey Mallory, Imajinn Books  (2001, re-write 2013)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Galen Scott on various projects over the past 20 years. During that time, Ms. Scott has line- and copy-edited numerous fiction and non-fiction manuscripts, edited personal and business correspondence and handled website creation and maintenance for me. I have found her to be consistently accurate, knowledgeable, comprehensive and professional. In addition to those skills, it has been my experience that Ms. Scott is the single best continuity editor I have worked with in the field of fiction.”

–Mallory Kane, Multi-award-winning, internationally best-selling author of more than 50 novels.

Private Client (prefers to remain anonymous)

  • Initial edit of fantasy manuscript
  • Working as a mentor for the writing process and guiding them to prepare their book for an editor.

Past Clients

Oliver “Chad” Munro – Poetry
* Book Developmental Edit and Copy Edit – “I’ll Think About It” available on Amazon.

“New car, caviar, 4-star day dream? Think I’ll buy me a football team.”

Oliver Munro wrote his review in a poetic way. 5 stars on

Claire Kopenhafer – Graduate Student, Computational Astrophysics, Michigan State University
* Graduate fellowship applications

“My professional relationship with Galen began in 2016 when she offered her services to review a graduate fellowship application. I was really pushing the deadline with my application and she was able to turn around her edits in record time. Moving forward with graduate school, I’ll be employing Galen to edit my research papers pre-submission and my dissertation. I’m studying computational astrophysics, which is quite different from most of the research areas Galen has previously worked with; this is really a testament to Galen’s skills and adaptability as an editor.”

— Claire Kopenhafer, Doctoral Student, Computational Astrophysics

Ashley M. Nettleman

Dr. Christine Shaw, PsyD – Adlerian Psychology – Linkedin

  • Internship Essays
  • Capstone Paper: Health Care Disparities: Social Exclusion, Cook County and Individuals with Severe Mental Illness, Adler School of Professional Psychology
  • REACh Essay
  • CV for Schweitzer Fellowship
  • Personal Statement: Schweitzer Fellowship
  • Paper: W. Béran Wolfe: A Biography

Traci Wightman

  • Article Review – Workplace Productivity and Gender Issues, Michigan State University

Websites and Other Social Media Work

Red Cedar Solutions Group

Technology Services company

  • Program development testing.
  • Working with the Developers to make sure that the project plans were followed and that the systems perform the way they are meant to.

Applied Power and Controls, Inc.

An Engineering firm in Detroit, Michigan.

  • Revamped website and created content and graphic elements to give a dynamic and fresh look and feel.
  • Maintained site for 4 years when updates were needed.

“Galen rebuilt my employer’s website. The final product was so good, we hired her again when we landed a major contract that necessitated an expansion of the site.”

— K. Vicklund, Electrical Engineer

CVs, Resumes, and Cover-letters

  • Dr. Joeseph Nettleman, MD
  • Kevin Vicklund, P.E.
  • Catherine Hagler, Locator Technician for Wide Open West
  • Dr. RoseAnna Downing Vicklund
  • Dr. Christine Shaw

Transcription work

Dr. RoseAnna Downing-Vicklund, PhD. Medical Anthropology.

  • Transcribed and edited 105 hours of interviews.
  • Researched demographic information from interviews, assisted in compilation of that information
  • Researched specific areas of interest to futher understanding of interviews transcribed.

Galen Scott work on 17 very long and in-depth interviews for my dissertation for my Ph.D in Medical Anthropology. She transcribed 15 of them in total and pulled data from the other two that could be used. These interviews were not easy to transcribe, both because of the poor recording quality and because of the sometimes difficult accents and colloquialisms. She not only did a fantastic job in figuring out the hard to understand sections, but also read up on the background events of the research so that she could better recognize important names, institutions, and events that people were discussing. Most transcribers will simply mark a text as “intelligible” and move on; that she took the extra time to write a more accurate transcription and saved me a tone of work in the process makes her a consummate professional. I heartily recommend her as a transcriptionist to others.”

-Dr. RoseAnna Downing-Vicklund, Ph.D of Medical Anthropology

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Academic Journal Proposal:
***** “Ms. Scott has done a fantastic job–quick to answer questions, excellent turn around, and excellent feedback. I would definitely work with her again.”

American Anthropology Association Paper Presentation:
***** “Ms. Scott did an amazing job on this–excellent communication, quality work, and a very tight turn around. I am definitely planning to keep working with her.”

Power Point Presentation for AAA Presentation:
***** “I can’t recommend Galen Scott highly enough. She was a dream to work with–she had great suggestions on some things that I was struggling with, both with formatting issues and with phrasing/content, she was able to give me quick turn around on the edits as I was on a tight time table, and she was really easy to work with. I will definitely be continuing to work with her.”

Beta (Developmental) Read of Science Fiction Story
***** “Galen is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. If you’re looking for a wise freelancer who cares as much as you do about your project, look no further!”

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