Privacy Policy & Disclosures

Just a few things about this site both for FTC Policies and full transparency.

Please be kind when commenting. Respect each other, no matter who they are. This is a place for learning from each other, sharing experiences, and enjoying new connections. This is not a place for harsh criticism or negativity. While we may not all agree, please remember that we can do so politely and with kindness.

Privacy Policy
This site makes it a point to respect and protect everyone’s privacy.

Spam is not nifty and thus we do now spam people. If you want to be part of the mailing list, you have to choose to do so.

This site does use cookies for some of the content (ads, etc) but you can turn of your cookies in your browser if you would like. Just go into your browser setting and it should guide you from there.

While we do not use your information personally, the Advertising companies are often third-party advertising that present the ads on this website. These advertising companies may use the collected information about your visits to this site. (This would not include your name, address, email, or phone.) The information is about your visits to this site and any other websites that you visit so as to provide appropriate advertisements for your interests.

This blog is designed to share information based upon 25 years of experience as a Freelance Editor and Writer. It’s purpose it to help others reach their dreams, whether it be in becoming an editor or in how to find an editor that you need as a writer. It is my fondest hope to inspire you, guide you, and converse with you with the end result of learning from each other.

As is always the case, running a blog of any nature has costs behind the scenes (domain, web hosting, tools and materials) and so to offset some of this cost I do have some Ad Affiliate links in posts when it makes sense.

* I do not currently have any familiar relationship with any products you see on this site, if I do, I’ll let you know by updating this site BEFORE I put it up.

* I chose to only promote products that I fully endorse and I am certain will benefit my readers of this blog. I will always give my truest opinion about the products that I talk about. Any products that I receive from my Advertisers are free and I do not guarantee that I will like them. I wholeheartedly do not believe in compromising the trust my readers have in me, or my personal code of honor just to make money. That just isn’t cool, and does a disservice to you as my readers.

I have a very strong sense of Ethics and a personal Code of Honor to always strive to be true to my self, trustworthy to those I teach, interact with, and guide. I have years as a professional editor where I have worked hard to keep my ethics just and my code of honor honed. I believe integrity should the cornerstone of any freelancer’s work ethic and try my best to live up to it every day.

The above Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time without notice. It was last updated on the 3rd of May, 2018. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at questions[at]editorsjourney[dot]com

Patreon features in this website

In order to enable you to use this website with Patreon services, we save certain functionally important Patreon information about you in this website if you log in with Patreon.

These include your Patreon user id, Patreon username, your first, last names and your vanity name. Additionally, the id of your campaign at Patreon and your campaign’s Patreon URL are also saved.

If you request that your data be deleted from this website, this data will also be deleted and Patreon functionality will not work. You would need to register on this website and log in to this website with Patreon again in order to re-populate this data and have Patreon functionality working again.