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Client Published! “I’ll Think About It!” by Oliver Munro

Client Published! “I’ll Think About It!” by Oliver Munro

Early last fall, I had the privilege of editing a collection of Poetry by Oliver Munro. Working with Poets on their manuscripts is one of my very favorite types of jobs. I enjoy the pure partnership necessary when editing poetry because it is an entirely different way of looking at Editing. While you need to have an excellent solid structured editing foundation, you also need to have honed the unique ability (for an editor) to let go of the rules when needed. Poetry has its own rules, chief among them being that sometimes, you throw out the rules for the sake of the poem and Poet.

Editing Oliver’s “I’ll Think About It!” was pure joy for me due to the variety of styles he used. The subjects of his poems were thoughtful and provoking. He tackles his poems with finesse and whimsy, a dry sense of humor, and addresses several essential issues while delivering them with biting wit and a dose of self-deprecation. But don’t let his thoughts on his book, as he turns his humor inward, take it as a challenge and read it! It’s a beautiful blend of thoughtful discovery, lessons learned, and his current conclusions about life, as he knows it.

I’m excited to see that he has published his book on “I’ll Think About It” Amazon.com and encourage you to head on over and order yourself a copy!


Client’s feedback on Upwork.

Rating is 5 out of 5. 5.00

“New car, caviar, 4-star day dream? Think I’ll buy me a football team.”